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Brenwood is burning Brenwood is burning

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A Loop With Substance

Very cool. I like the impact the drums have. Also, the beat changes into interesting variations. The piano fits very nicely with it. Although it is meant to be repetetive, I feel like this could've actually been a song instead of a loop had you done a little bit more with the piano. Nice job in terms of a loop. A near-song quality loop is what it is really. All you would need to do is add one more instrument or so. One thing I feel could've been explored more is having a long note harmony in the backround at some points. Like when the drums get going and the piano is moving along, I think having some warm, smooth, drawn out notes in the background would make it feel a little more mysterious and angelic at the same time. That's just what I like personally, but anyways, well done.

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Introduction (Demo?) Introduction (Demo?)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Sounds Good, Needs Some Substance

I like the beat you got going on. Style is nice too and I enjoyed the way you used the speech feature. Good job for a demo. Only think I would say is maybe use some effects to add a little more substance to the beat, such as the much favored Reverb. Like I said, good demo.

InimitableBeing responds:

Thank you very much for your feedback, I will definitely try to incorporate that into whatever I do next, a bit busy at the moment, tho it isn't really much to look forward to so I'm sure it's alright.

- Jay

A Silver Kiss - Remastered A Silver Kiss - Remastered

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A Silver Kiss? More Like A Silver Medal...

The beginning of the song (first 13 seconds) sounds a little weak when you compare it to the rest after you've listened to the song all the way through. Although you hear the chorus a few times it is introduced in variating ways so as to not sound redundant. And it works! The chorus has a very powerful feeling to it and the drop-off transitions work well for this song. It gives an inspired feeling of something like hopefulness and whatnot. Feels original, sounds nice, and gives off a generally good vibe. The individual parts work well together and they combine to make a smooth, silky sound. Not my favorite song on Newgrounds but definitely on the list. A Silver Kiss indeed.

Kr1z responds:

Awesome review :) THanks man!!!